An inviting tattoo and piercing studio for everyone

Our vision of a tattoo studio is simple: an open and comfortable environment. Alice Studio creates a friendly and warm environment for the creation of aesthetic body alterations for its clients.

A studio experience

out of the ordinary

Alice Studio provides you with comfortable facilities to allow you to fully enjoy your sessions with us. You can stream your favorite series or films on Netflix during your visit. In addition, our store offers you a fine selection of body piercing jewelry as well as a wide range of tattoo creams.


Create the ideal tattoo for you with our tattoo artist Alexandra (Alice). The talent and experience of our artists will allow you to receive quality service and impeccable works. Their expertise exceeds 13 years of know-how, will stand out in its technical execution to guarantee you a tattoo that will accompany you for years to come.

Our tattoo work is currently carried out on an hourly basis of


By appointment only. Next availability in February 2025. Possibility of an earlier appointment by taking the V.I.P. package. Contact us for more information. (Price may be subject to change)


Have your body piercings carried out by our certified staff. Our professional’s schedule is by appointment. Please contact us for more information.

A shop available on site


Pay-per-view television

A unique service

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